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  1. How to Keep Your Team Engaged

    How to Keep Your Team Engaged

    Wed 15 May, 2019 10:23 AM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    Some business leaders are indifferent to their team members’ happiness. These leaders are more concerned with whether or not the team is getting the job done and consider the team’s mental health to be excess/expendable. Countless studies have shown that this line of thinking is wrong. In fact, it is completely counterproductive to the survival […]

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  4. Boost Your Sales by Building Relationships
  5. Wooing Your Existing Customers

    Wooing Your Existing Customers

    Thu 4 Apr, 2019 12:28 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    Many business owners have it ingrained in their thinking that they must focus on finding new customers as the driver of their business growth. In reality, retaining existing customers is far easier, and much less costly, than looking for new customers. In fact, the cost of acquiring a new customer can be seven times more […]

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  7. “Break Up” With Bad Customers

    “Break Up” With Bad Customers

    Fri 15 Mar, 2019 08:42 AM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    It is a hard truth to accept, but some customers are more trouble than they’re worth. There are some customers who actually cost you money every time you deal with them. If you’ve always accepted everyone who walked into your business with a dollar or two to spend, you may have already learned this lesson. […]

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  9. How to Develop a Successful Sales Script

    How to Develop a Successful Sales Script

    Wed 6 Mar, 2019 02:58 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    A sales script is a carefully thought-out and written down set of questions for your sales team to use every time they call (or approach) potential customers. A script is useful because it helps the team members to stay focused and to ensure they ask all the questions that they need to ask.When planning a […]

  10. How to Tap into Social Marketing through Networking

    How to Tap into Social Marketing through Netw…

    Wed 27 Feb, 2019 12:23 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    A key part of marketing that is often underutilized is the social side of marketing—not social media, but social meaning human-style marketing where you build relationships with other people. Some of these professional relationships can be short-term, but the majority are more longer-term relationships.There are repeat networking groups (where the same group of professionals meets […]