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  1. The 5 Levels of Entrepreneurs
  2. “Break Up” With Bad Customers

    “Break Up” With Bad Customers

    Fri 15 Mar, 2019 08:42 AM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    It is a hard truth to accept, but some customers are more trouble than they’re worth. There are some customers who actually cost you money every time you deal with them. If you’ve always accepted everyone who walked into your business with a dollar or two to spend, you may have already learned this lesson. […]

  3. How to Attract Employees with a Strong Job Recruitment Ad
  4. How to Develop a Successful Sales Script

    How to Develop a Successful Sales Script

    Wed 6 Mar, 2019 02:58 PM (UTC) Read Time: ( words)

    A sales script is a carefully thought-out and written down set of questions for your sales team to use every time they call (or approach) potential customers. A script is useful because it helps the team members to stay focused and to ensure they ask all the questions that they need to ask.When planning a […]