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How to Build Leads Through Content Marketing

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Some online marketing is short-term, and some is long-term. Building content online is a long-term strategy that, when done consistently, can start to play a major role in your overall marketing plan. When you build a strong online presence and have a robust following, you will start to be seen as an industry expert, and this will naturally lead to more referrals and leads. The goal is to create content that allows people to find you.

Types of content:

The most common forms of content are:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos (Pre-produced and/or live videos through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Blog posts/articles (300-500 words)
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts

The type of content you produce depends on your target audience. Identify who it is that you’re targeting, and then design your content accordingly. Your goal should be to produce pieces that your typical website visitors and social media followers will find relevant so that they not only engage your content but also share it with their online networks.

Keep in mind: You can recycle your content and use it in a variety of ways. If you record a 20-minute educational video, you can generate at least a month of content by pulling out impactful quotes and creating memes or social media posts from those quotes, producing multiple 2-minute segments of the video, and writing one or more blog posts based on the content in the video. Be creative with how you use and re-use the content that you create.

Frequency of content:

One of the keys to developing a strong online presence is to be consistent. A steady output of content will help keep you top of mind with your followers. For example, if you are going to start producing videos or writing blogs, try to publish at least one a week. In addition to providing you with strong content that you can share, consistently posting fresh content on the blog page of your website will also boost your SEO rankings.

Location of content:

A critical part of content marketing is deciding where you’re going to publish your content. Your social media accounts should not be the only outlets where your content is showcased. Start to identify other blog sites, groups, and pages that will allow you to submit or share your content. This will allow your posts to get a lot more traction. Remember to add tags to your posts as well so that people can more easily find them.

It is important to remember that content marketing is different than social media marketing. While you will be sharing your content on social media, it’s the actual content that is the marketing piece. The overall goal of content marketing is to make your content do the work for you. If you regularly produce valuable content that people want to read, watch, or listen to, your discoverability will increase, and you will naturally attract customers to your business/brand.


Heather Yakes is an internationally recognized business coach and employee engagement expert ranking in the Top 10 in the U.S. & Top 100 worldwide. Heather is the recipient of the 2016 Business Excellence Awards Coach of the Year, the 2018 ActionMan Award for the Best Client Impact, and the 2018 Franchisee of the Year Award. She has 20+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 Companies and Big 4 Consulting.